About Me

Welcome! My name is Sarah and I am glad that you have landed in my dessert haven where everything is better with frosting.

I have two passions, baking and nutrition. While I am a self-taught baker and foodie at heart, I am also a Registered Dietitian. Although indulgent desserts and nutrition don’t seem to go hand in hand, I believe that there is always a balance in life.

My indulgence of choice is you guessed it, desserts!

I have been cooking and baking in the kitchen since I could walk. I remember baking in the kitchen with my dad and grandma when I was little, and within a few years, I became my family’s go-to baker.

Throughout middle and high school I attended culinary classes for teens over the summer, which only heightened this passion. I was well on my way to attending culinary school, or so I thought.

Although my passion for baking heightened through my teenage years, so did my interest in the relationship between science and food. This led me to attend the University of Connecticut to pursue a degree in dietetics.

Throughout my studies, I balanced both of these passions, one by day and the other by night.

All of my friends and family primarily know me as a baker. They knew that whenever I was there, an abundance of delicious desserts would be nearby. After asking for the recipe, everyone would tell me that I should either open a bakery or start a baking show.

Instead, I decided on this blog! These two passions, as ironic as they may be, represent who I am and where my obsessions lay. Come join me on this delicious and super sweet journey through the dessert world!

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