Lemon Oreo Tart

Have you ever tried lemon and chocolate together?

Until a few months ago, I did not think lemon and chocolate went well together. When anyone suggested this flavor combination to me, I would always tell them that those flavors don’t go well together. If you are thinking that as well, this recipe will change your perspective!

Have you ever tried lemon and chocolate together? This Lemon Oreo tart features a chocolate cookie crust filled with a luscious, tart lemon custard filling. With both lemon juice and lemon zest this tart is full of lemon flavor and will have you going back for more!/>

My boyfriend and I were ordering dessert in Portugal when we saw “lemon oreo thing’” as one of the dessert options. Intrigued, we ordered it along with another dessert since one dessert is obviously not enough to share.

When it came out it was essentially a lemon tart with an oreo cookie crust! I immediately dove in and was hooked. The creamy and tart lemony filling surprisingly went very well with the chocolate cookie crust. Ever since then, I have been determined to recreate this dessert.

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Apple Rhubarb Pie

As I settle in and get cozy for this upcoming snow storm, I am excited to be sharing with you my newest recipe for Pi Day!

Growing up in New England I always looked forward to fall for apple picking and all the wonderful apple deserts. Although it’s turned to winter (and hopefully spring soon), I decided to combine this fall staple with one of my family’s favorite spring fruits, rhubarb.

Together, these ingredients form a wonderful Apple Rhubarb Pie! Layered on top of a flaky all butter crust, this tart filling gains sweetness and fragrance from apples, rhubarb, sugars, and an array of warming spices.

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Mini Chocolate Cream Pies

Growing up, when deciding what to bake my dad often floated around the idea of a black bottom pie. He would talk about how this was one of his favorite treats that his grandmother used to make.

Instead of a black bottom pie I decided to make one of its close relatives, chocolate cream pie! While large pies are delicious and perfect for a crowd, I always love to make handheld desserts. Thus, I wound up with this recipe for these mini chocolate cream pies!

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