Holiday Cookie Masterclass: Rolled Perfection

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Welcome to the third week of the Holiday Cookie Masterclass! The previous posts in this baking series are all about drop cookies, spritz cookies, and my best cookie baking tips.

Rolled or cut-out cookies are always a holiday classic! Walk into a bakery and you will certainly see ornately shaped and decorated rolled cookies. Have you ever wondered how they achieve the perfect thickness and crisp shapes?

Look no further! Here are some tips and tricks to make your best rolled cookies and impress your friends and family!

Chill the dough, but not before rolling it out! Instead of chilling the dough and then rolling it, swap this procedure around and roll the dough out first. Divide the cookie dough into two pieces and roll each section of the dough. Place each of these cookie dough ‘slabs’ in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Then you are all ready to cut out your cookies. If the sough slabs are too hard, leave them on the counter for 5 minutes to soften slightly.

Use wooden dowels as a guide. After years of rolling out uneven cookie dough or rolling the dough too thin, I finally figured out the secret! Take two wooden dowels (or anything that is ¼ inch thick) and place them on each side of the dough. When the rolling pin hits the dowels the dough should be ¼ inch thick. As you rotate which way you are rolling out the dough (vertical or horizontal), just move the dowels so they are on the edges of the dough.

Parchment paper is key. Rolling out cookies can be very frustrating as the dough routinely sticks to either the baking mat or the rolling pin (or both!). To avoid these issues, place the dough in between two sheets of parchment paper. Roll out the cookie dough to the desired thickness and remove the top sheet of parchment paper. You will now have a slab of dough and a clean rolling pin!

Avoid dusting the dough with flour. If you prefer not to use parchment paper and want to roll the dough out on a mat, use powdered sugar or cocoa (for chocolate cookies) instead of flour. Dusting the dough with flour can lead to a tougher cookie. To prevent your chocolate cookies from having white specks of flour, use cocoa powder to roll out your dough. If your cookies stick to your cookies cutters, try dipping the cookie cutters in either powdered sugar or cocoa.

Limit the number of times you reroll the dough. With rolled cookies, there will always be extra scraps of dough. Be careful how many times you reroll the dough as this will result in a tough cookie, which no one wants in their holiday cookie tin!

Be patient and do not overbake your cookies. This has been my enemy for a while. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the most patient person, but when it comes to cookie baking patience is key. An extra minute of baking can cause the cookies to go from perfectly baked to overbaked. For the last few minutes of baking, be sure to keep a close eye on the cookies!

Stick it in the fridge. If you are having trouble rolling or cutting your cookies place the dough in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. Using cold dough makes it a lot easier to cut and transfer the cookies to a baking sheet without messing up the shape of the cookie.

Use a thin metal spatula, not your fingers! If you cannot easily transfer the cookies from the parchment paper to the baking sheet, use a thin metal spatula or an offset spatula to move the cookies without losing their shape.

If you are looking for some more cookies to round out your holiday cookie platter, you have come to the right place 🙂

Until your next baking adventure, enjoy all of these sweet tips!

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